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Outsourcing should be a strategic partnership, not a simple hand-off of duties to a third-party. Getting that right requires smart preparation.  ENERGETIK Solutions provides flexible outsourcing models for our clients which are tailor made according to their requirements and budget. Our processes guarantee the end-product to be reliable, scalable and quality assured.  Moreover, our expert can suggest the best remote engagement option which will be beneficial, robust, long lasting and perform wonders within limited time span. 

ENERGETIK Solutions offsite management has option to hire PM specialist on top of every team  reports to the responsible person in a client’s organization. 

You can select engagement model based on following criteria:

  • The approximate size of the team
  • Project duration and the budget size
  • Level of the control you require over the team
  • Your capacity to handle the project?
  • Technologies and the overall project complexity

We have processes and management which will help you report back with updates. Moreover, we use project management tools for effective real-time monitoring and progress of hired resources

Choose from a variety of ENERGETIK Solutions Flexible Engagement Models
We offer four basic working models. The client can pick any of these according to their requirements.
Project Outsourcing
Delegate the completion of an entire project to a ENERGETIK Solutions. Explain full requirements of the project to members of the ENERGETIK Solutions and leave everything else to us.
On-Site Model
On-Site, resources are type of dedicated resource where ENERGETIK Solutions Staff works on the client’s premises. We offer On-Site model to those clients who want quicker communication, without the commitments of full time employment.
Dedicated Hiring
  • Minimum Hiring Contract - 1 Month
  • Hours Available - 168 Hours
  • Billing - Advance Monthly
  • Cost per Resource - Flexible Price
  • Management Tools - Jira, Skype, Email, Slack
  • Hourly Hiring
  • Minimum Hiring Contract - 64 Hours
  • Billing - Hourly
  • Cost per Resource - Fixed Rate
  • Management Tools - Jira, Skype, Email, Slack
  • Part-time
  • Minimum Hiring Contract - 1 Month
  • Hours Available - 100 Hours
  • Billing - Advance Monthly
  • Cost per Resource - Fixed Price
  • Management Tools - Jira, Skype, Email, Slack
  • OUr Hassle Free Hiring Process
    Our swift resource/team hiring solution for you in 5 simple steps
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    Shortlist Candidates
    Assess Resources
    Contract & Advance Payment
    Lets get started
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    Zero Administrative Costs
    We reduce your onsite costs such as IT, employee benefits and other admin expenses.
    Available in every Time-Zone
    We Support all major time zones such as BST, EST, MST, PST, CST among others.
    On-Time Delivery
    We have a 100% record of delivering our projects on time and we are motivated to keep that record.
    Seemless Collaboration
    Our flexible nature helps us integrate & use the tools and methodologies our clients are comfortable with.
    Strong Technical Expertise
    Darwin once said, “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives. It’s the one who is most adaptable to change”. More or less, we help you survive.
    Short Turnaround Time
    The most desired and seldom delivered. We enforce quality checkpoints at every phase of your project to bring to you nothing but the best.
    Strong Technical Expertise
    Our versatility is the key as we hold teams in all major technologies & business verticals.
    Hardware & necessary tools
    All necessary tools like devices for mobile development TV development for android or licensed .NET framework is readily avaiable.
    Browse through a mix of our staff expertise
    It's hands-on-experience. It's is due to experience.
    Crafting Visually Stunning & technologically top notch Apps with our Expertise
    Cloud Services
    Mobile APP Developers
    iPhone | Android | React Native | Xamarin | IONIC | Flutter
    Web & Frontend Developers
    .NET | Java | Python | ROR | PHP | Angular | React JS | Node JS | Mean | Python
    Software as Services
    eCommerce | CRM | CMS | POS | DevOps | HRM | OTT | Digital Signage
    TV APP Development
    Android TV | Apple TV | Panasonic TV | Samsung TV | LG TV | ROKU | Set-top-box | X-Box and Gaming