Financial Systems

We are your trusted partner of business and financial institutions

The world of finance is in a state of rapid growth leading to fundamental change due to innovation. Fintech companies are blending financial and technology expertise. These companies are no longer just creating interesting ideas, but now offer core financial services at the heart of financial systems around the world, alongside traditional banks. Fintech is transforming the world of finance, from retail banking, to merchant services, to insurance. As a digital-first organisation, ENERGETIK Solutions recognise the need to provide industry-leading software engineering services. We have the technical and domain expertise to help you build the software and applications you need to grow your Financial business.

Typical Fintechs Challenges
State-of-the-art user App experience
Accessible Analytics: users a clear overview of their financial activities
BigData, realtime analytics and reporting
Compliancy with government regulations
Personalisation of user financial portfolio
Data Security
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
Integration with Other Fintech Apps
Financial Reports
Blockchain Security
ENERGETIK Solutions Financial Software Expertise
Lending Softwares
Commercial loan software
Online banking software
Insurance Softwares
Personalisation of user financial portfolio
Loan origination software
Banking Software
Mobile banking software
Financial Reports
Blockchain Security
ENERGETIK Solutions Advantages
Innovation and state-of-the art UI/UX easy to use user interface
Modular Development of Fintech modules which can be integrated with any third-party platform
No Outsourcing, All Gems In House
Increase speed to market the product with us
Long haul development maintenance and support
Security & Data Protection