Inventory Management

We provide CRM Software Systems for End-to-End operations which are custom-built to streamline sales, customer service and operational processes according to client's needs

ENERGETIK Solutions inventory management software expertise helps in managing complete Order fulfilment along with stock and inventory control, starting with adjusting stock level, transfer items from vendor to warehouse, to fulfill orders or receive orders, while recording every activity and maintain complete history. We have solutions where the products are sent out from vendors to your warehouse, system will automatically update stock on the inventory management. Moreover, we also enables you to set up auto alert to remind you to reorder items upon reach a certain threshold. Threshold can be set globally as a whole or to a particular item level.

Inventory software challenges
State-of-the-art user App experience
Handling Inefficient Processes
BigData, realtime analytics and reporting
Enhancing Limited Visibility
Increase Productivity in Increasing Competition
Centralised Essential Data
Multi-Location Warehouse
Lack of Knowing Your Inventory
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
Handling Customer Demand
Managing People and Space
Accurately Track Inventory
Backup Inventory Data
Outsource Inventory Management Service to ENERGETIK Solutions

By outsourcing your processes to ENERGETIK Solutions inventory management service, you will be better prepared to take on whatever fulfilment changes lie ahead. Each company may have a different strategy, depending on their needs and the market focus, so working with the leaders in e-commerce platforms will help you determine the most effective course of action for your goals.

Our professionals provide our clients solutions to meet their warehouse organisation needs. We provide services such as real-time inventory management, e-commerce fulfillments, direct mail marketing, fulfilment solutions, and fulfilment markets. There are endless benefits to working with a third-party logistics company that uses the best quality software systems to manage your warehouse, so if you’re looking for the right company, look no further than ENERGETIK Solutions.

ENERGETIK Solutions Advantages
Innovation and state-of-the art UI/UX easy to use user interface
Modular Development of Fintech modules which can be integrated with any third-party platform
No Outsourcing, All Gems In House
Increase speed to market the product with us
Long haul development maintenance and support
Security & Data Protection