Stock Trading

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Over the few decades, the trading market evolved towards online platforms. All the transactions and tradings are being done online while relaxing at your home or office or traveling at any place without physically present to the trading place. But since mobile technology revolution, not major player found to opt using the stock trading mobile app for the customer to trade, invest, or transact while they are on move.  As an Advanced Technology Partner for , ENERGETIK Solutions offers unique expertise in helping organisations and enterprises maximise the benefits of developing stock trading.

Typical Fintechs Challenges
State-of-the-art user App experience
Technical challenges and use of Third-party APIs extensively
BigData, realtime analytics and reporting
Commission charging for trading stocks
Security, data protection and high availability
Many tools for managing risk in commodity trading are inflexible and disconnected from market data, hampering the response to rapidly changing conditions
Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
Design mobile-first commission service
Payment & transactions
ENERGETIK Solutions Financial Software Expertise
Trade free-of-cost straight from their smartphone
Reliable payment gateways to buy/sell stocks
Tutorials for beginners
Expert stock recommendation
Watchlist for make watch on some particular stocks
Market trends, analysis, and statistics
Personal profile and Settings (folio, balance, settings and more)
Reliable payment options
Charting:Multiple plot styles: OHLC, HLC, Line, Bar, Candlestick to view stock trade
Security and encryption
Customer support
History of stock holdings
Stock market utility integration
Push notifications and messaging
User Registration and Sign in
Fund transfer facility in/out of the trading account
ENERGETIK Solutions Advantages
Innovation and state-of-the art UI/UX easy to use user interface
Modular Development of Fintech modules which can be integrated with any third-party platform
No Outsourcing, All Gems In House
Increase speed to market the product with us
Long haul development maintenance and support
Security & Data Protection