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At ENERGETIK Solutions, we believe that modern software planning & development processes is a teamwork that fuses our innovative strengths with customer’s idea and market vision to produce  applications for any device or platform that delivers tangible results for them.

We help you out envisioning the product from concept to production which we call the “the value driven statement." This statement resolves many queries which come to your mind e.g. The problem you are facing?  What problems do I target audience experience that this product solves?  Who is my targeted audience? How does my product solve your problem? LEADING TO, What budget should I allocate? What is the ideal timeline for project execution?

Due to incorporation of Agile methodology, we are flexible to assist you during every cycle of project through transparency, communication and actual deliverables.  We believe in Agile Board for any process you can dream up and use the Agile boards to support you with Scrum, Kanban and mixed processes.

Inception Phase
At ENERGETIK Solutions, the first step to shared understanding – agreeing project objectives, possible timeline, budget and planning with all stakeholders as we believe that scoping a project initiates with the understanding of customer’s problems or issues. The best method we believe is to engage with you through communication and start asking questions and provide relevant practical solutions based on the customer’s strategic aims, project parameters and desired outcomes and audience. Based on the valuable feedback we can provide you logical planning document that fits best on your demands.
ENERGETIK Tech has core multidisciplinary team experienced in running project inceptions ensures that you get off to a running start
We acquire the necessary understanding of your needs, scenarios and user journeys, that produces Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with High-level agreement on features and functionality
The next step is to plan it according to mutually agreed timelines with you
To enhance realisation and demonstration of feasibility, we have strong experience in developing Proof of concept (PoC) for you to grasp the concept or theory as practical business potential.
Working Methodology
Our processes are meticulous and powered by novel technologies and incomparable conceptualisation and design along with strong communication with you so we all can be on same page.
We use Agile software development approach  along with Xtreme programming methodology to plan and execute your project.  Therefore, we welcome any change in requirement and remain wary of transparency in every step.
Client Communication Tools
Planning Management

ENERGETIK Solutions structures your planning strategy according to the engagement and number of resources, so that each detail is accounted and expectations are apparent.  The planning includes estimation timelines and proper definition for each deliverables. Moreover, our unique method of planning helps you in designing the application architecture and UI/UX for mobile or web and vision your product in phases with realistic deadlines.  It’s in this stage we help you out in polishing your idea with wireframes, functional outline and proposed software architecture are prepared. It’s in this stage we start helping you out in polishing your idea and our expertise with wireframes, workflows, functional outline and proposed software architecture.

Planning Management Tools
Gantt Pro
Development Management
ENERGETIK Solutions adheres to strict development processes which include distributed revision control to manage code, and code commenting and reviews. Moreover, along with CI/CD practises during implementation we focus on incremental approach for deliverables to you. As agile practitioners we strongly believe in cross-functional development team to deliver the best product for you.
Development Management Tools
QA & Testing

ENERGETIK Solutions modern techniques and services for Quality Assurance for you. The testing includes Unit testing, black box testing as well as regression testing. Our Quality Assurance starts as soon as planning completes. It means that life-cycle of your digital product goes through the QA. Moreover, wherever we can we automate the QA process for speedily test results. The end-to-end test result are shared with you to launch future proof applications with high responsiveness, availability and scalability.

Mobile Testing
Web App Testing
TV App Testing
Performance Testing
Automated Testing
Go Live: Rollout or Publish Apps / System Delivery

We follow Continuous Integration Continuous Development & Delivery CI/CD allow you to go-live in quick time, so you can market your software as early as possible. Our expertise in publishing apps means your products such as mobile or TV apps are readily available without delay in Playstore, iTunes or Smart TV stores. Moreover, we help you integrate marketing and analytical tools which facilitates you to generate traffic from the word go. Our release management allows you to streamline every release in effective and transparent manner.

Maintenance & Support

ENERGETIK Solutions arrangement with you does not end with delivery of product. We facilitate 24/7 support and monitor for any issue or downtime which is fixed immediately. The process of backups and recovery mechanisms are pre-configured in every deployment for any fallback required in case of failure. Moreover, we work on feedback and improvements and add new features with our post-release development services.

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