Electron JS

We excel in building to create functional Desktop driven projects that
help businesses to monetize their ideas while addressing real-world problems.

Platforms like Electron or NW.js let you build cross-platform desktop apps with Node.js. That means you can use some of the code from your Web app in its desktop versions for macOS, Windows and Linux. Moving forward, the same team working on your Web app can deliver a desktop app without having expert knowledge of C#, Objective-C, or any other language required for building native apps.

Moreover, ENERGETIK Solutions has unique set of expertise and great tooling as front-end developers—such as Google Chrome Developer Tools—enabling them to debug and profile backend and desktop apps as efficiently as client-side apps. The majority of Node developer tools are also cross-platform, which means that developers don’t need a Mac to write, debug and build a macOS app, or a Windows machine for Windows apps.

Our Electron JS Development Services

–  Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

–  Round the clock Support and Maintenance

–  Agile Development Approach

–  Unmatched UI/UX experience

–  Accessible SDKs End-to-End Product delivery

Technical Expertise

Bundles –

Real-Time Apps –

Windows/Linux/MacOS –

Styling With CSS And HTML –

Templating Engine –

ENERGETIK Solutions Advantages
Highly Experienced Team
100% Transparency
No Outsourcing, all gems in house
Excellent coding standards with React Native testing scenarios
Not just programming but excellent UX architecture too