.Net Framework

Energetik Solutions is a full cycle service provider which makes maximum use of .NET Framework
advantages, perform complex integration or migrate a legacy application to the Web with ASP.NET.
Owing to its versatility

.NET is a software development platform that can be used in numerous applications, and is arguably the best one for the job. .NET is used in such development areas as web applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, cross-platform applications, embedded systems, Web Services, distributed applications and cloud solutions.

At ENERGETIK Solutions we will help you transform your requirements into brilliant software that pushes your business to a new level. Leveraging .NET to solve our customers’ challenges is our conscious choice, shaped by the flexibility, reliability and constant support of the Microsoft technology stack.

Our .Net Framework Services
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Round the clock Support and Maintenance
Agile Development Approach
Unmatched UI/UX experience
Accessible SDKs End-to-End Product delivery
ENERGETIK Solutions Expertise
Telerik UI/UX
Window Communication Foundation (WCF)
Window Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Window MSQL (R2 Standard And Enterprise) Edition
.NET Micro Framework
Razor Markup Language
ENERGETIK Solutions Advantages
Highly Experienced Team
100% Transparency
No Outsourcing, all gems in house
Excellent coding standards with React Native testing scenarios
Not just programming but excellent UX architecture too
OUR Recent .NET Work

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